Volume 2.2 June 2022


We have the pleasure to publish the monumental work of Ernst-Georg Beck with the title:
Reconstrucction of Atmospheric Background Levels since 1826 from Direct Measurements near Ground, which was submitted to a journal in 2010, but were not accepted for publication before Beck died in September 2010. In this work he analyzed CO2 measurements from 979 technical papers and made use of methods to find the yearly average model, based on simultaneous wind measurements, precipitation measurements and other information about the observations. He showed he this way could estimate the atmospheric CO2 level within a few per cent of the Mauna Loa reference observations. Analysis of the time series show that it has the same pattern as the Sea Surface Temperature and the Lunar Nodal tide variations which are controlled by the Moon.

In this issue we also publish the result of advanced energy-radiation balance model calculations with added solar radiative forcing amplified by induced cloud cover changes. The result is that CO2 should not have contributed more than one third of the last century warming and the Sun the other two thirds.

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Jan-Erik Solheim

The Editorial Board consists of Stein Storlie Bergsmark, Ole Henrik Ellestad, Martin
Hovland, Ole Humlum and Olav Martin Kvalheim.

Science of Climate Change June 2022 Volume 2.2 PDF file.

Hermann Harde, How Much CO2 and the Sun Contribute to Global Warming105
Francis Massen, Ernst-Georg Beck, Hans Jelbring, Antoine Kies, Observed Temporal and Spatial CO2 Variations Useful for the Evaluation of Regionally Observed CO2
Ernst-Georg Beck, Reconstruction of Atmospheric CO2 Background Levels since 1826 from Direct Measurements near Ground (inclusive Supplements 3 & 5)148
Harald Yndestad, Publication of Ernst-Georg Beck’s Atmospheric CO2 Time series from 1826-1960134