Volume 3.2 June 2023


In this issue we start with an essay by Richard Mackey on how the many observed oscillating
atmospheric and oceanic systems are largely responsible for the Earth’s weather and climate.
The Earth’s rotation forces the oscillations and is the primary reason for the climate change we observe. This is completely overlooked by IPCC:

Martin Hovland continues his series on the Holocene climate changes in southwestern Norway and discuss the findings related to the first human inhabitants. Two more installments are expected.

Then we have comments by Ferdinand Engelbeen on the article Direct measurements of CO2
near ground by the late Ernst Georg Beck, which we published in Vol 2.2. Engelbeen claims
that even if the measurements are fairly precise, many places were completely unsuitable for
“background” CO2 level measurements. Finally, he contested the huge CO2 level observed
around 1940. This article was posted for an Open Review, which attracted some comments.
Some agreed partly with Engelbeen, but finally Hermann Harde demonstrated that the formula for release of CO2 from ground and ocean due to higher temperatures (Salby and Harde 2022, SCC Vol2.3 p. 212-238) can explain the peak observed. The conclusion is that this shows that Beck’s reconstruction and Harde’s simple CO2 release model don’t support the ice core estimates of historic values of CO2. Here is a clear need of better understanding of previous observations and the CO2 estimates from ice-core measurements.

The debate on the reason for the observed increase of atmospheric CO2 has now ended with
two debate-papers by David Andrews and Edwin Berry, defending the human or natural cause
of the increase, respectively. As usual, scientists don’t agree. It is up to our readers to decide
who has the best arguments.

We are pleased to realize one of our goals which is to provide a scientific debate. This is what
brings science forward. We welcome contributors to a lively debate in future issues.

Good reading
Jan-Erik Solheim

The Editorial Board consists of Stein Storlie Bergsmark, Ole Henrik Ellestad, Rögnvaldur
Hannesson, Martin Hovland, Ole Humlum, Gunnar Juliusson, Olav Martin Kvalheim and JanErik Solheim.

Science of Climate Change June 2023 Volume 3.2 PDF file.

Richard Mackey: The Earth’s Decadal Rotation and Climate Dynamics119
Martin T. Hovland: The Holocene Climate Change Story from Sola part IV173
Ferdinand Engelbeen: About Historical CO2 Levels. Discussion of Direct Measurements near Ground since 1828 by E.-G-Beck190
Harald Yndestad: About Historical CO2 Levels. Discussion of Direct Measurements near Ground since 1828 by E.-G-Beck209
Hermann Harde: About Historical CO2-Data since 1826. The peak 1940-50 explained211
Jan-Erik Solheim: More Comments to Engelbeen’s Discussion Paper219
David E. Andrews: The Root Cause of Atmospheric CO2 Rise. More Clear Thinking223
Edwin X Berry: Nature Controls the CO2 Increase II227