Volume 3.1 March 2023


With this issue of we start our 3rd year for this journal. Our goal is to produce quarterly issues. The challenge is to get scientific acceptable articles which generate enough interest to maintain a flow of good science.

In this issue Martin Hovland finishes his triology on the termination of the last ice age and the
dramatic climate change in southwestern Norway which made the way for human settlers. John Parmentola follow up by calculating the time of termination of the Holocene warm period by Celestial mechanics. His model gives 500 years left of the recent warm period before the return to the ne next ice age.

An article by David Andrew defending the majority view that all atmospheric CO2 increase
since the start of the industrial revolution is a consequence of human use of fossil energy
sources, created responses from Hermann Harde and Edwin X Berry who defended their
research showing that the increase is created by Nature itself due to the warm equatorial oceans.

According to Berry this is the first time an open discussion of this question takes place in a
scientific journal. The debate terminates for now with two shorter contributions by Ferdinand
Engelbeen and Herman Harde.

Finally Jonas Rosén and Sten Kaijser develop an analytical response function for the carbon
cycle between atmosphere and sea. They claim that this is a better representation of the physics in the presently used “sum of exponentials” used in the Bern Carbon Cycle model.

We are pleased to realize one of our goals which is to provide a scientific debate. This is what
brings science forward. We welcome contributors to a lively debate in future issues.

Good reading
Jan-Erik Solheim

The Editorial Board consists of Stein Storlie Bergsmark, Ole Henrik Ellestad, Rögnvaldur
Hannesson, Martin Hovland, Ole Humlum, Gunnar Juliusson, Olav Martin Kvalheim and Jan-Erik Solheim.

Science of Climate Change March 2023 Volume 3.1 PDF File.

Martin T. Hovland: The Holocene Climate Change Story from Sola part III1
John A. Parmentola: Celestial Mechanics and Termination of the Holocene Warm Period9
David E. Andrews: Clear Thinking about Atmosspheric CO233
Hermann Harde: Understanding Increasing Atmospheric CO246
Edwin X Berry: Nature Controls the CO2 Increase68
Jonas Rosén and Sten Kaijser: Analytical Carbon Cycle Impulse Response Function97
Ferdinand Engelbeen: Comment on Understanding Increasing Atmospheric CO2 by
Hermann Harde
Hermann Harde : Reply to a Comment on: Understanding Increasing Atmospheric CO2114