Volume 4.1 June 2024

Volume 4 is planned to appear in two issues. This first issue contains a longer review paper of
Roy Clark, who explains in detail, why the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, who awarded
part of the 2021 Nobel Prize for Physics to Syukuro Manabe, failed to recognize that the climate models used to justify the award, were invalid.

Antero Ollila analyses in an article about the record temperatures in the summer months of 2023 that the temperature increase, different to the IPCC’s interpretation, cannot be explained
exclusively by anthropogenic climate drivers. The hypothesis of this study is to show that the
main climate driver at least over this period has been the Absorbed Shortwave Radiation (ASR) as measured within the CERES (Clouds and the Earth’s Radiant Energy System) satellite radiation program.

Ian McHaughton presents a detailed compilation of temperature records from seven Australian
Capital Cities, seven Australian towns and five global cities/regions, to test the relationship
between the observed temperatures and the atmospheric CO2 concentration. None of the graphs showed any visible correlation between exponentially increasing concentrations of CO2 and increasing temperatures.

Finally, this issue contains a Comment from Anthony Sadar, who discusses the impact of temperature inversions on the climate. He reports about own review and analysis of more than 21,000 observations over 30 years, which revealed the amount and strength of surface inversions and their trends over the decades.

We hope that the above contributions will stimulate our readers to a further critical discussion of climate science, and we wish interesting reading.

Co Editors: Francois Gervais, Göran Henriksson, Ole Humlum, Gunnar Juliusson,
Martin Hovland, Igor Khmerlinskii, Demetris Koutsoyannis, Ingemar Nordin, Gösta Petterson
and Peter Stallinga

Extended Board: Stein Storlie Bergsmark, Guus Berkhout, Ole Henrik Ellestad, Jens
Morten Hansen, Martin Hovland, Jan Erik Solheim, and Henrik Svensmark.

Hermann Harde

A digital version of this volume can be found here: https://doi.org/10.53234/scc202407/19

Review Article
Roy Clark: A Nobel Prize for Climate Model Errors1 – 73
Antero Ollila: The 2023 Record Temperatures: Correlation to Absorbed Shortwave Radiation Anomaly74 – 87
Ian L K McNaughton: Temperature Measurements Versus Carbon Dioxide Concentrations & Population Growth88 – 106
Anthony J. Sadar: Will Climate Change Crush Air Quality by Boosting Temperature Inversions, or Not?107 – 109