Volume 2.1 March 2022


Finally, we have been able to publish a volume with the Proceedings from the Conference on
Natural Variability and Tolerance, held in Oslo 18-19 October 2019. The conference attracted
170 participants and was a joint effort between The Climate Realists in Norway, Sweden and
Denmark. Chairman of the Organizing Committee was Morten Jødal, who also was chairman of the Norwegian Climate Realists. Jødal’s main message was that the Earth’s nature is resilient. Life is not dying. The number of species are growing. The polar bears and the Great Barrier Reef are doing fine in a warmer climate. And food production, using less area, is increasing more than the Earths population. Only limited by poor management.

Unfortunately, Morten Jødal died in September 2021, right after the first issue of this Journal was published and was not able to take care of the proceedings. That became my job. Luckily, we had filmed all the talks, so I was able to transcribe missing contributions from the recordings.

An article about a laboratory experiment which demonstrate warming due to
back-radiation from greenhouse gases carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide. It is shown that the effect is small and is confirmed by radiation transfer calculations. The authors conclude there is no climate emergency.

Good reading
Jan-Erik Solheim

The Editorial Board consists of Stein Storlie Bergsmark, Ole Henrik Ellestad, Martin Hovland,
Ole Humlum and Olav Martin Kvalheim.

Science of Climate Change March 2022 Volume 2.1 PDF file.

Hermann Harde and Michael Schnell, Verification of the Greenhouse Effect in the Laboratory1
Howard “Cork” Hayden, Some Climate Simplicities34
Conference Proceedings
Jan-Erik Solheim, Norwegian, Nordic and International Climate Realist Conferences 2014-201838
Guus Berkhout, World Climate Declaration41
Nils-Axel Mörner, The Gulf Stream Beat48
Ronan Connolly, Snow, Ice and Temperature Trends in the Arctic and Antarctic54
Ole Humlum, Useful Lessons from Earth’s Past Climate58
Frank Lansner, Temperature at the Coast and Inlands66
Jan-Erik Solheim, The Barents Sea Ice Edge During the Last Centuries69
Harald Yndestad, Lunar-driven Control of Climate and Barents Sea Eco-systems74
Peter Ridd, Is the Great Barrier Reef Threatened?78
Morten Jødal, Is Life on Earth Really Dying?83
Susan J. Crockford, The Polar Bear Catastrophe that Never Happened87
Karl Iver Dahl-Madsen, Mariculture: A Resource-efficient Food Production93
Peter Ridd, The Replication Crisis97
Book Review
Book Review: Stein Bergsmark: Green Murder101