Volume 2.3 December 2022


With this edition Science of Climate Change finishes its second volume. We managed only three issues in this volume, because of a long halt in the editorial work. However, we are proud of finishing in the month prescribed on the title, and we express the hope that we can in the future can keep the schedule and publish quarterly issues.

This issue is first of all a follow up with various papers about the relation between natural and fossil emission of CO2. Murry Salby and Hermann Harde finish the triology on CO2-origin with a theory for the increasing greenhouse gases. Hans Schrøder calculates the fossil fraction by a balanced network solving simultaneous linear equations, and Harald Yndestad analyze the variations in global CO2 from Mauna Kea and as estimated by Ernst-Georg Beck back to 1870, and finds the temporal spectrum coinciding with the global sea surface temperature and lunar nodal tide variability. This is another manifestation of natural origin of atmospheric CO2.

We expect the conclusions about nature providing most of the CO2 will be challenged, and we have already received commentaries which will be published in the next volume.

Finally we have two articles about climate change during Holocene and the uplift in Norway as a result of glacier unloading since the Little Ice Age, The third and not the last Holocene paper is under consideration for the next issue, which we hope will be published on schedule.

Good reading
Jan-Erik Solheim

The Editorial Board consists of Stein Storlie Bergsmark, Ole Henrik Ellestad, Rögnvaldur
Hannesson, Martin Hovland, Ole Humlum, Gunnar Juliusson, Olav Martin Kvalheim and JanErik Solheim.

Science of Climate Change December 2022 Volume 2.3 PDF file.

Murry Salby and Hermann Harde: Theory of Increasing Greenhouse Gases212
Hans Schrøder: Less than Half of the Increase in Atmospheric CO2 is Due to Fossil Fuels239
Harald Yndestad: Lunar Forced Mauna Loa and Atlantic Variability258
Martin Hovland: The Holocene Climate Change Story: Witnessed from Sola, Norway. Part II275
Willy Fjeldskaar and Aleksey Amantov: Present Uplift in Norway Due to Glacier Unloading Since the ‘Little Ice Age’288
Murry Salby and Hermann Harde: What Causes Increasing Greenhouse Gases? Summary of a Triology297
Kees le Pair and Kees A. de Lange: On the Theory of the Earth’s Physical Parameters, Distributed in Space and Time302