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Volume 3.4 December 2023

This is a special issue of Science of Climate Change which contains extended abstracts from the 4th Nordic Climate Conference which took place in Copenhagen September 14-15, 2023. The previous Nordic Conferences were held in Stockholm October 7-9 2016, Göteborg, February 16- 17 2018, and in Oslo October 18-19 2019. Proceedings from the Oslo-conference are published in SCC Vol 2.1 (2022).

Volume 3.3 September 2023

In this issue we present three articles which all show that there is no dangerous warming created by antropogenic release of CO2. The so called greenhouse effect is impossible or very small. The first article is written by Ferenc Miskolczi presenting fundamental theoretical equations for understanding the observed global average radiative equilibrium. It is shown that this can be done from astrophysical considerations and some plausible assumptions of the composition of the Earth’s atmosphere and surface. He shows that the greenhouse effect producing global warming is impossible and without any theoretical or empirical support.

Volume 3.2 June 2023

In this issue we start with an essay by Richard Mackey on how the many observed oscillating atmospheric and oceanic systems are largely responsible for the Earth’s weather and climate. The Earth’s rotation forces the oscillations and is the primary reason for the climate change we observe. This is completely overlooked by IPCC:

Volume 3.1 March 2023

With this issue of we start our 3rd year for this journal. Our goal is to produce quarterly issues. The challenge is to get scientific acceptable articles which generate enough interest to maintain a flow of good science.

Volume 2.3 December 2022

With this edition Science of Climate Change finishes its second volume. We managed only three issues in this volume, because of a long halt in the editorial work. However, we are proud of finishing in the month prescribed on the title, and we express the hope that we can in the future can keep the schedule and publish quarterly issues.

Volume 2.2 June 2022

We have the pleasure to publish the monumental work of Ernst-Georg Beck with the title: Reconstrucction of Atmospheric Background Levels since 1826 from Direct Measurements near Ground, which was submitted to a journal in 2010, but were not accepted for publication before Beck died in September 2010.

Volume 2.1 March 2022

Finally, we have been able to publish a volume with the Proceedings from the Conference on Natural Variability and Tolerance, held in Oslo 18-19 October 2019. The conference attracted 170 participants and was a joint effort between The Climate Realists in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

Volume 1.2 December 2021

After the launch of the first volume journal in August 2021 we got several good articles to publish in the second volume. Many of us worked really hard to finish this volume at the end of the year. In fact, we had decided that each volume should be between 100 and 150 pages, and we had an overflow which could be published in volume 2.1.

Volume 1.1 August 2021

Welcome to the first issue of Science of Climate Change: An International Journal of Science and Philosophy. Our scientific objectives are elaborated in our mission statement on the preceding page. We think it is important that science is not hindered by political directives about what can and cannot be communicated to the public; about what can and cannot be themes for scientific research.