Volume 3.3 September 2023


In this issue we present three articles which all show that there is no dangerous warming created by antropogenic release of CO2. The so called greenhouse effect is impossible or very small. The first article is written by Ferenc Miskolczi presenting fundamental theoretical equations for understanding the observed global average radiative equilibrium. It is shown that this can be done from astrophysical considerations and some plausible assumptions of the composition of the Earth’s atmosphere and surface. He shows that the greenhouse effect producing global warming is impossible and without any theoretical or empirical support.

Finally, Raimund Müller estimates the e-time for CO2 and finds that it is less than 4 years and has been fairly constant during the last 270 years. He finds that the human contribution to atmospheric CO2 is less than 7%. If he includes wood burning, it increases to 12%.

We are pleased to notice that we are able to publish scientific articles which have difficulties in other journals, because they don’t support the current global warming doctrine.

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Jan-Erik Solheim

The Editorial Board consists of Stein Storlie Bergsmark, Ole Henrik Ellestad, Hermann
Harde, Martin Hovland, Ole Humlum, Olav Martin Kvalheim and Jan- Erik Solheim.

Science of Climate Change September 2023 Volume 3.3 PDF file.

Ferenc Miskolczi: Greenhouse Gas Theories and Observed Radiative Properties
of the Earth’s Atmosphere
Antero Ollila: Natural Climate Drivers Dominate in the Current Warming290
Raimund Müller: Estimation of e-Time for CO2 and Revelle Factor328
Book Review
Jan-Erik Solheim: False Alarm by Gösta Petterson347