Volume 3.4 December 2023

This is a special issue of Science of Climate Change which contains extended abstracts from the 4th Nordic Climate Conference which took place in Copenhagen September 14-15, 2023. The previous Nordic Conferences were held in Stockholm October 7-9 2016, Göteborg, February 16- 17 2018, and in Oslo October 18-19 2019. Proceedings from the Oslo-conference are published in SCC Vol 2.1 (2022).

At the Oslo-conference it was announced that the next Nordic conference should be held in Copenhagen the following year with the Danish Parliament (Folketinget) as venue. However, due to restrictions on travel and meeting during the Covid pandemic, no meeting could be held in 2020 – 2022. When the meeting was finally announced in 2023, the SCC got the permission to collect and publish abstract from the conference. The collection and editing of abstracts were done by Stein Bergsmark and is presented in this special issue of SCC.

For the main conference in the Parliament September 15, we publish in the following pages the program for the main conference and the welcome address by the meeting organizer Karl-Iver Dahl Madsen.

The day before the main conference, September 14, a preconference seminar took place at the Danish Technical University, Lyngby. From this event we publish an opening speech by Jens Olaf Pepke Pedersen and in total 11 abstracts in the same sequence as the program schedule.

In this issue we also include an article about ice in the Artic by Alan Astrup Jensen, who had taken notes of the dates with minimum yearly Arctic ice for a long time. This article was inspired by talks at the seminar.

We also include a book review by Tege Tornvall The Frozen View of the IPCC, which was the main topic on the conference, and also sold at the main conference.

Jan-Erik Solheim and Stein Storlie Bergsmark Editors.

The Editorial Board consists of Stein Storlie Bergsmark, Ole Henrik Ellestad, Hermann
Harde, Martin Hovland, Ole Humlum, Olav Martin Kvalheim and Jan- Erik Solheim.

Science of Climate Change December 2023 Volume 3.4 PDF file.

Conference: The Climate Emergency is Cancelled
Allan Astrup Jensen: Time Trend of the Arctic Sea Ice Extent353
Climate Conference Copenhagen 2023 Welcome359
Conference Proceedings
Jens Olaf Pepke Pedersen: Preface to the Preconference seminar360
Session I: The Carbon Cycle Controversy
Jan-Erik Solheim: Challenges in estimating atmospheric CO2362
Jens Olaf Pepke Pedersen: The Global Carbon Cycle in an Earth System model368
Hermann Harde: Understanding increasing CO2369
Hans Schrøder: The CO2-Cycle375
Antero Ollila: Carbon Dioxide Circulation381
Johannes Oraug: CO2 The Gas of Life383
Karl-Iver Dahl Madsen: The Carbon Balance391
Session II: The Coming (Little) Ice Age
John A. Parmentola: Termination of the Holocene Warm Period392
Eva-Marie Brekkestø and Stein Bergsmark: Climate in the Little Ice Age396
Jan-Erik Solheim: Gulf Stream Beat and Barents Sea Ice Edge402
Harald Yndestad: The Little Ice Age Covers a Period 1330 to 2150 AD408
Thorstein Seim & Borgar Olsen: CO2 Absorption and Back Radiation Experiment409
Book Review
Tege Tornvall: The Frozen Views of the IPCC – an Analysis of AR6416