Martin T. Hovland: The Holocene Climate Change Story from Sola part IV

SCC Volume 3.2.

The first humans probably arrived at Sola in SW Norway just after the brutally cold Younger Dryas (YD) period, as the first neolithic tools found there are from around 11,500 years BP. This period is also called the Preboreal period, where the temperature trends upwards for over a thousand years, before suddenly plummeting again at around 8,200 years BP.

In this Part 4, we discuss the reasons for such a transient temperature fall. Thereafter, the temperature increases in the Holocene thermal maximum period. The sea level at Sola reaches its highest Holocene level and is about 6 m higher than at present. Evidence of this transgression is archaeologically documented at sites in Sola, where human settlements by this time proliferate.

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