Bjørn Geirr Harsson and George Preiss: A Comment on Sea Level in the IPCC Climate Report

SCC Volume 1.1


When meteorologists with today’s great computing power can only predict the weather with some degree of certainty about 3 days into the future, how can we then expect climate scientists to predict the climate 100 years into the future?

We have considered a single tide gauge at the Norwegian coast, Tregde. It has been chosen because the change in sea level is zero in relation to a fixed point in the rock at the tide gauge. During the almost 100 years the tide gauge has been in operation, it does not at any time show a significant change in sea level.

Although the IPCC reports say that there may be local differences in the sea level change around the earth, we find that zero change at the random Norwegian station, cannot be covered under “local differences”. A relevant question is whether climate scientists’ models really manage to capture the complexity of Nature.

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