Three annual volumes are finished

15. January, 2024.

We reached our goal in 2023 with four quarterly volumes and one extra from the Copenhagen Climate Conference. The plan has been to publish four volumes per year with 100-150 pages each. Volume 1 (2021) had two issues with in total 271 pages. Vol. 2 (2022) had 3 issues and 309 pages, and Vol 3 (2023) with 5 issues had 575 pages. In total 1155 pages in 3 years. It is now time to search for a new Chief-Editor. The search is conducted by the Chairman of Norwegian Climate Realists Scientific Board, Professor Ole Henrik Ellestad. While the search takes place communication with the Journal can still be done using our post and editor e-mail addresses.

I thank the authors, readers and publishers for a very interesting and demanding period as editor Vol 1.2 – 3.5.

Jan-Erik Solheim