Tege Tornvall: Book Review Frozen Climate View

Volume 3.4

In its book ”The frozen climate views of the IPCC”, the global network Clintel (Climate Intelli-gence) scrutinizes the sixth report (AR6) from the UN climate panel IPCC. Editors are science writers Marcel Crok and Andy May. Contributing scientific writers are: Science writer Kip Hansen, experienced sea captain and expert on sea levels, prof. Dr. Ole Humlum, geophysicist, prof. Dr. Ross McKitrick, mathematician and economist, prof. Dr. Nicola Scafetta, solar physicist, prof. Dr. Fritz Vahrenholt, chemist and energy expert, and finally Dr. Javier Vinós, science historian.

Read the book review here: The Frozen Climate Views of the IPCC- An Analysis of AR6 by
Tege Tornvall.