We are back

The journal Science of Climate Change was funded by Klimarealistene in Norway in September 2020, and the first issue appeared in August 2021. Several additional articles have been published in 2021 and 2022, but due to a heavy work load on the Editor they have not been collected into Volumes before now. A few articles have also been delayed in being published. The Scientific Council of the Norwegian Climate Realists is at the moment working on a plan for the management of the journal from 2023. In the mean time I have stepped in as Editor to handle the backlog and launch a new version of the journal as an Open Access journal. We have also been given a new web site.

We look forward to give service to science in a truly independent fashion. Please, let us publish your manuscript – in particular, if you have problem in other journals which are forced to publish only IPCC-friendly material.

Jan-Erik Solheim, Editor.