Volume 2 completed

The journal had a problem in 2022. Only the first issue, Volume 1.1, was edited into a volume (August 2021). Later articles were published only on a website with pay-wall, and difficult to access. No updates were done in several months. The Scientific Board of the Norwegian Climate Realists then had a workshop Sept. 27-29 2022, to discuss the future of the journal. It was agreed to continue, and somewhat widen the scope of the journal to include also the effect of climate change on economy and health. The editorial board was expanded to handle such issues.

However, most important was to bring the journal updated and easy accessible. It was decided that we should have Open Access and reduce the costs as much as possible. This resulted in a new Web Site (this) with no fee for users, and unpaid editors. We decided to have online publishing only, and request the authors to use a Word Template. A grant from the Norwegian Climate Realists has covered the start-up costs. A small fee for accepted papers may be introduced in the future to cover our running costs.

Finally, I took the task of editing the journal, as a temporary assignment, with the goal to finish volume 2 by the end of 2022. This is done. Volume 2.3 was finished new year eve. We are now collecting articles for Volume 3.1 (March 2023). A search is going on for a permanent Chief-Editor. Suggestions are wellcome.