Ole Henrik Ellestad: Climate and Climate Research

SCC Volume 1.1

The Norwegian organization Klimarealistene (Climate Realists) was founded in 2009 to provide the society with more balanced scientific information about climate change and the relevance of related WechQRlRgieV aQd SRliWical deciViRQV. IQ 2015 KlimaUealiVWeQe¶V ScieQWific CRXQcil ZaV eVWabliVhed WR form a broader and more systematic basis for scientific discussion.

The members expertise covers the most important aspects of climate science including physics, astrophysics, geology, chemistry, biology, and mathematics as well as experiences within climatology, technology, economy and media. Together with international open data sources, this forms a sound basis for understanding the climate, its drivers, derived effects, and related political measures. The Council operates autonomously, and the members form their own scientific opinions and presentations for various purposes.

Now, Klimarealistene takes one more step by launching a new scientific journal which, hopefully, may contribute to the scientific debate and further clarification. The science is far from settled as explained in the following by some general considerations and examples including the Nordic and Arctic regions with the highest temperature anomalies. Science needs free speech not restricted by censorship of any kind.

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