Nils-Axel Mörner: The Gulf Stream Beat

SCC Volume 2.1.

This talk is devoted to the science of the Oceans with special reference to the Gulf Stream Beat. Forcing of the ocean circulation system is controlled by the planetary beat on the Sun, Moon, and the Earth. The sea is not at all in a rapidly rising mode.

The ocean circulation can be simplified in 8 dominant systems and their directions of motions
(Figure 1). The system is supersensitive to changes in Earth’s rate of rotation in a feedbackcoupling and interchange of angular momentum (Mörner, 1984, 1996, 2019). The most dominant system is the equatorial system that moves from East to West, in the opposite direction of the Earth’s rotation. If rotation changes, this will have an immediate response in the current system.

The Gulf stream and the Kuroshio stream brings equatorial warm water to the north and make
livable conditions at our northern latitudes. On the figure we also see the costal upwellings of
nutrient rich waters which are extremely productive for marine life.

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