Monckton 2021 Classical simplicity

Classical mathematicians valued simplicity, settling such complex questions as the irrationality of √2 by elementary methods. Today, too, refractory problems in pure as well as applied math- ematics are resoluble by simple, Classical methods. For instance, though the Goldbach, Twin- Prime and Cousin-Prime Conjectures have withstood proof for 2-3 centuries, they are here proven by a method two millennia old. Likewise, a simple method shows that most lives lost in the COVID-19 could have been saved by a staged treatment protocol combining vaccines with off-label medications each proven to reduce severe outcomes somewhat. Simple mathematics logically applied also defeat the principal arguments for mitigating global warming – the threat of dangerously rapid warming and the cost of inaction. After correction of a grave error of phys- ics that arose in the 1980s, when feedback formulism borrowed from control theory was misun- derstood, global warming will be small enough to be net-beneficial. It is proven by Classical simplicity that Western net-zero emissions would mitigate warming undetectably by 2050, at disproportionate cost. The rational economic choice is to do nothing.

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