Michael Schnell and Hermann Harde: Model-Experiment of the Greenhouse Effect

Volume 3.5

Radiation exchange of infrared-active gases with their environment is the basis of the atmospheric greenhouse effect (GHE). While the theoretical principles for the energy and heat exchange by infrared radiation were already refined at the end of the penultimate and beginning of the last century, experimental verifications in the laboratory showed quite contradictory results, on the one hand excluding any influence of greenhouse gases, on the other hand indicating a significantly greater impact than theoretically expected.This study presents a simple experimental set-up, by which the infrared active gases are replaced by a broadband absorber and emitter plate in a Styrofoam hollow cylinder and by which the principles of the GHE can be demonstrated. In particular, we show that the temperature of a heated body depends on the infrared radiation of its colder surrounding and does not contradict physical laws

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and Hermann Harde.