Jan-Erik Solheim: The Barents Sea Ice Edge During the Last Centuries

SCC Volume 2.1.

To figure out what is driving the climate change it is vital to observe long climate series. In this contribution I will report about data collection and analysis of a climate series covering the position of the Ice Edge in the Barents Sea for more than 440 years. A clear sign of planetary forcing is detected, and a model involving the solar wind is suggested.

I will present a project where we use a long series of estimates of the position of the ice edge in the Barents Sea to investigate indications of planetary beat. At the conference in October 2019, only provisional results were shown, but since then we have two publications on the topic (Mörner et al. 2020 and Solheim et al. 2021). In the following I will present the data and some results from the analysis together with a simple harmonic model and suggested physical explanation.

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