Ian L K McNaugton: Temperature versus CO2 & Population Growth

For many years, the scientific debate about the threat of rising global temperatures caused by rising atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration has depended on estimation, homogenization, the use of anomalies rather than actuals, and complex computer modelling of key variables. This estimation process with its complexity leaves their broad conclusions open to challenge. This paper attempts a simpler approach using temperature data from the seven Australian Capital Cit-ies, seven Australian towns and five global cities/regions, and only basic computations, mainly graphical, to test the relationship between the key variables in the debate.

None of the graphs showed any visible correlation between exponentially increasing concentra-
tions of CO2 and increasing temperatures. Admittedly, both these variables are rising but that does not mean there is a connection between the two in the manner claimed by some climate scientists: namely, that the rise in carbon dioxide concentration is causing the global temperatures to rise. Indeed, there is an increasing body of opinion that claim the opposite is true: namely, in addition to the many other sources of carbon dioxide emissions, the naturally occurring rise in temperature causes the release of carbon dioxide from the oceans thus contributing to increasing its concentration in the atmosphere. This paper supports that view.

The full abstract and paper can be read here: