Hans Schrøder: Understanding the Carbon Cycle

SCC Volume 3.4

According to the IPCC’s popular narrative, the man-made emission of CO2 accumulates in the atmosphere. A fixed portion stays there, while the rest ends up in land and sea reservoirs

However, the carbon cycle is not a matter of accumulation, but circulation. Flows are not one-way, but two-ways. Accordingly, I depict the carbon cycle as a network of (five) control volumes, symbol- izing reservoirs, connected by arrows symbolizing flows. I balance the network by solving five linear simultaneous equations. This makes it clear that there are two emissions of CO2 to the at- mosphere: A natural, and a man-made. The natural emission is ten times the man-made. Over the industrial era, the natural emission increased three times as much as the man-made. The result is that only about 25 percent of the increase in atmospheric CO2 is man-made. It is time to abandon the popular narrative and recognize that atmospheric CO2 has increased over the industrial era, not because of man-made emissions, but primarily because of the warming. This is not surprising. After all, it has been known for a long time that CO2 lags temperature. However, two things are surprising: First, that this understanding of the carbon cycle wasn’t established long ago, and second, that it is supported only by a small minority of independent scientists.

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