Climate Conference Copenhagen 2023 Welcome

Volume 3.4

Klimarealistene P.O. Box 33, 3901 Porsgrunn Norway

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Vol. 3.4 (2023)
p. 359

The Climate Emergency is Cancelled
Climate Conference – Copenhagen 2023

Welcome address by Conference Organizer Karl Iver Dahl-Madsen. Chief Conference Organizer – Denmark.

The climate science is clear. Climate change does not pose an existential threat to humanity. In one hundred years, humans will be about 4 – 5 times richer than now, but climate change may reduce this large increase in wealth by around 5 %.

This is well in line with messages from the IPCC, in that weather and climate are minor factors in ruling wealth and prosperity for humanity. This is for everyone to see, because humans live and thrive both in cold, warm, moist and dry climate zones, in areas below sea surface and on mountain tops. Rich and clever people can adapt to all kinds of weather.

During the latest 100 years, where the temperature has risen one degree and the global sea level with 30 cm, we have become four times as many humans on earth. Child mortality has been reduced by a factor 4, lifetime expectancy doubled, we have become 8 times richer, the part of humans living below the poverty limit has been reduced from 70 to 10 %, analphabetism from 67 to 15 % and agriculture products have been more than tripled.

The main cause for this great development – which seems to continue as far as we can look into the future, is basically our new ideas and initiatives, but this development would not have been possible without access to abundant, cheap, and stable stored solar energy, in the form of coal, oil and gas.

The advantages of using coal, oil and gas, are many times in excess of the disadvantages, and we cannot force ourselves into a future without coal, oil and gas, because climate economists tell us that this will have far more negative consequences for humanity than even the most speculative net negative effects of climate change. So, the cure may then be much worse than the disease.

A current energy- and climate policy should be based on the fact that climate change is only one of the many problems in the world, and by no means the greatest.

Energy security is, however, crucial for the further development of the world. All the people in the world, especially in the developing countries, should have full access to coal, oil and gas for many years to come. The use of coal for production of electricity should be phased out on market terms, since coal in this way will become more rare and more expensive, and some time will be replaced by the only adequate replacement we know today, nuclear power. Oil and gas may still be used for peak hours and for transportation a long time into the future since there is no climate gain in reducing coal- based emissions to zero.

Science of Climate Change